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A look into the Real Estate Kingz Process


For Florida Buyers & Sellers

Our First Rule is to Keep it Simple


Fees are Negotiable

Ask us about how we charge for services.

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Timing is Invaluable

Successful real estate transactions depend on timing. We'd like to explain more.

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We are Focused

Real estate transactions are legal contracts where the buyer and seller promise to do something. Let's discover more.

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For Sellers

  • We provide an estimate of your property's value
  • We discuss & come to an agreement on your asking price
  • For on market properties, we then list on the MLS & reach out to our networks to find you a buyer.
  • We host open houses as required.
  • For off market properties, we have an extensive network of investors that we market your property to.

Get your property SOLD today!

We are Investor Friendly

We love working with investors. We have very flexible fee schedules that are attractive. Contact Brian to discuss your criteria.

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